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Hallmark Channel has released new details pretaining to Season 5 of it’s hit drama, Good Witch. Below you can preview the synopsis for the first six episodes of the new season to get a teaser of what is to come for the soon to be merging families. Below is also the first two episodes which is a two-part episode and premiere on June 9th at 9PM and June 10th at 8PM.

To top off all the new details for the episodes, we’ve also added NEW episode stills of Rhys in episode five, The Tea which you can view by clicking here and the Behind The Scenes shot by clicking here!!!

S5E001 – The Forever Tree, Part 1 (June 9th, 2019 – 9PM)

Sam looks for the tree Cassie’s ancestor was married under as a wedding surprise. Grace is troubled by wedding-related hiccups, while Sam’s skeptical of Cassie’s visiting foster brother. Meeting a new girl inspires Nick to focus on his future. Abigail considers handing her mayor responsibilities to Martha.

S5E002 – The Forever Tree, Part 2 (June 10th, 2019 – 8PM)

Cassie and Sam’s wedding day has arrived and Sam doubles his efforts to find the Forever Tree. He gets a magical assist from Grace, who’s nostalgic for her late father. Mayor Abigail makes a surprising ally while Martha finds a new passion. Nick takes a step toward finding his calling.

S5E003 – The Honeymoon (June 16th, 2019 – 9PM)

While honeymooning, Cassie and Sam help a new friend reconcile with her brother. Grace attempts to speed up time after a break-up. Sparks fly between Abigail and Blairsville’s mayor. Martha freezes at her TV audition. Nick ghost hunts at Grey House with a friend, who’s looking for more than spirits.

S5E004 – The Prince (June 23rd, 2019 – 9PM)

Cassie hosts a guest with a surprising secret. Sam’s visiting friend needs medical expertise but the cure may lie in Cassie’s intuition. Grace interns for Martha at City Hall and faces competition from a fellow intern. Martha prepares the first episode of her show, and Stephanie considers her romantic options.

S5E005 – The Tea (June 30th, 2019 – 9PM)

Cassie uses her enchanting powers — and tea — to help Abigail open up to Donovan. Mayor Martha critiques an artist painting her portrait. Sam’s new resident needs a lesson in bedside manner. Grace is disappointed after being rejected by her top college choice, while Nick’s confidence wavers after his acceptance.

S5E006 – The Road Trip (Date TBA)

Cassie’s being honored by her alma mater and visits with Grace, who’s considering enrolling. Grace bonds with her weekend host, while Cassie reconnects with her college friend. Needing a break from Donovan, Abigail joins. At Grey House, Sam tries to channel Cassie while helping his father-son guests communicate better.

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